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How to add a CanopyGrow® promo code
How to add a CanopyGrow® promo code
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At Canopy, we love a good discount so sometimes we love to share that feeling with our customers. If you have a promo code offering you a discount on a CanopyGrow subscription, we want you to make the most of it!

Follow the steps below to ensure you enter your promo code in the correct place and get that discount!

Full step-by-step instructions on adding a payment method can be found here.

Step 1:

Select your chosen subscription plan and payment frequency.

Step 2:

Before entering your card details, you can see your selected plan price the page. Below we have included steps for a web browser or the renter app.

Web browser

Under the subtotal, you will see the option to 'Add promotion code'. Clicking on this will enable a text field for you to input your promo code.

Renter App

Under the CanopyGrow logo, you will see the option to 'Add code'.

Clicking on this will enable pop up to allow you to 'Add promotion code'. Enter your promo code into the text field that appears.

Step 3:

Once you have saved the promo code, you will see the discount applied and deducted from your total due to pay. Here is an example below:

Step 4:

Now you can proceed with completing your payment. If you experience difficulty adding a promo code, please ensure it is valid for the offer and contact our support team for assistance.

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