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How to set up a payment method for CanopyGrow®
How to set up a payment method for CanopyGrow®
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We have partnered with Stripe to enable us to take payment safely and securely.

Please note, setting up this payment method will allow us to take payment automatically when your subscription renews. If you opt for a monthly package, payment will be taken out every month and if you opt for an annual package, payment will be taken out every year.

Step 1:

Ensure you have selected a plan and how often you want to be billed. Click 'Continue to checkout'.

For information on the CanopyGrow subscription plans, click here.

Step 2:

You will now be directed to our payment partner, Stripe, to complete the payment. Click 'Ok' if you are happy to proceed. You can find more information on Stripe in their terms of service and privacy policy linked below.

Step 3:

On the left, review the details and price of your subscription and ensure this is correct. If you have a promo code you can enter this here. For instructions, please visit How to add a CanopyGrow promo code

Step 4:

Once you are happy with this, on the right enter your card details to make the payment. These include:

  • Card number

  • Expiry date

  • CVC security number

  • Name of the cardholder

  • Postcode the card is registered at

Step 5:

Click 'Subscribe'. By confirming your subscription, you allow InsureStreet Ltd to charge your card for this payment and future payments in accordance with their terms. You can always cancel your subscription at any point.

Please note, you are onlyeligible for a full refund 14 days after you sign up for a plan. You will not be able to claim a refund after 14 day cooling period but can still cancel your subscription.

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