CanopyGrow® Standard
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CanopyGrow Standard is the first tier of our subscription plan and it is entirely free to use!

You can upgrade your subscription plan at any time in the app, further details on these plans can be found below:

What’s so great about CanopyGrow Standard?

  • Improve your credit payment history with Experian.*

  • Education credit and finance content.

In this plan, we will report your rent tracking data every month to Experian. This will help improve your credit history with Experian.

How does it work?

Simply select the plan under the CanopyGrow tab and you're all set to start using our rent affordability tools as well as set up your RentTracking.

For instructions on how to set up RentTracking please click here.


  • Every 90 days your bank will automatically disconnect from us, this is so that you are entirely in control of your banking data. We will remind you to ensure your RentTracking doesn’t stop.

  • Signing up for a Canopy subscription does not automatically set up your RentTracking. Please see here for instructions on how to set this up

*Each month we will report your rent to Experian. Tracking rent with Experian will only improve your credit history and not your credit score.

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