7 tips on RentTracking
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Here are a few tips to help you make your RentTracking experience easier.

  1. ​​Set up direct debits ​

    Set up a direct debit to pay your rent. Consistency is the key to improving your credit score.

  2. Consistent transaction names ​

    If you change the person you pay your rent to then please create a new tenancy in the app. This will help us track your rent and look for the transaction name you set up for RentTracking each month.

  3. Reconnect Open Banking

    Make sure you keep your Open Banking connection active. Your connection will expire every 90 days and we will remind you when it’s due to expire.

  4. Notifications of tracked rent

    Each month we track your rent we will notify you via email & push notification so keep them on. It's worth checking the app too to ensure all previous months are tracked.

  5. Identify missed rent​

    If we are unable to automatically track your rent we will send you a missed rent email and notification so you can identify the transaction yourself. Don’t ignore this email as missed rent will affect your credit score.

  6. Raise disputes

    If you notice any issues on your credit report you can raise a dispute directly with Equifax and Experian who will then get in contact with Canopy to resolve it.

  7. We're here to help​

    If you’re having issues with your RentTracking our support team is here to help so please contact them

Don’t forget you can keep an eye on your Rent Tracking in the app.

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