RentTracking Verification
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The RentTracking feature connects to your bank account and tracks your Rent Payments each month, this data is then sent to Credit Referencing Agencies (CRA).

Please see How to set up RentTracking for a step by step guide on setting up.

In order to ensure you are tracking your rent payments, you will be required to upload your tenancy agreement.


  • You must be named as a tenant on the tenancy agreement.

  • The document must be signed by yourself and your landlord/agent, if your tenancy agreement is not signed we will not be able to accept this.

  • It must be for your current address which should be stated on the document.

  • It must contain the start and end date of the tenancy.

  • Finally, it must include your rent amount and payment frequency which must support the payments on your RentPassport®.

What we cannot accept:

  • Any bank statements which display rent payments as this does not provide us with enough evidence.

  • We cannot accept any documents if they have not been signed by yourself and your landlord/agent.

  • We cannot accept tenancy agreements for previous properties - it must be your current address.

  • We cannot verify a tenancy agreement if this does not correspond with the rent payments on your RentPassport®.

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