What is a RentPassport®?
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Canopy RentPassport® is your digital rental history.

Letting agents and Landlords need to verify a renter's suitability for the property they have applied for. This includes verifying an individual's employment, income and whether or not they will be able to meet their rental payments.

You can get Rent Ready with a Pre-Qualified RentPassport®️, this will speed up the rental application process for Renters, Lettings Agents and Landlords

All registered renters also have access to a range of affordable, ethical and fair financial wellness products such as CanopyGrow®️ or RentTracking.

How can a RentPassport® help me as a tenant?

A rent ready RentPassport® displays all of the information that an agent would need in order to complete a tenancy agreement. This means that your agent/landlord can access all the information in one place and see live progress and status updates on your journey. Your pre-qualified RentPassport® will include the following:

  • Income

  • Rent Payments

  • Credit check

  • Rental Profile

  • Savings (optional)

This is an example of a RentPassport®:


Credit check

Here you will enter your personal detail including 3 years of UK address history. You will have to; currently or previously, be registered at the address under the Electoral Roll, with utility bills or bank account(s) at the addresses in order to locate your Credit profile. This is then reflected on your RentPassport when the agent unlocks a referencing request. The purpose of a Credit check is to provide your agent/landlord with your financial and credit background this highlights any active or satisfied CCJs and will also display any bankruptcy.

For assistance on how to complete your credit check please see the steps in Credit Check.

Income Verification

We verify your income in order to reflect the correct affordability on your RentPassport. You are given two options when verifying your income, Open Banking and our Manual option. The Open Banking feature connects to your bank and picks up your income payments which are then reflected in your RentPassport.

For more information on Open Banking please click here.

The manual journey requires you to upload documents which support your verification of income payments which are then reviewed and verified by our referencing team when your agent unlocks these manual checks.

For a full list of valid documents, click here.

Rent Payments

This section displays your most recent Rent Payments. The purpose of the rent verification section is for you to demonstrate consistency in your rent payments. Similar to income verification, you have the option to use Open Banking which will pick up your most recent rent payments and reflect this on your RentPassport. You. also have the option to self-certify your rent payments if you pay in cash. or are unable to connect via Open Banking.

We have outlined steps for both journeys in the following articles:

Rental Profile

This is an overview of your rental preferences to assist your agents in finding suitable properties that meet your requirements. For example, whether you would prefer a furnished or unfurnished property or the number of bedrooms that you require.

Your agent may request further checks during the referencing process, this can include references or an identity check. These are triggered by the agent but this does not mean you are unlikely to be successful in your application.

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