FAQs: RentPassport®
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What is a Canopy RentPassport®?

Canopy RentPassport® is a renter's digital rental history.

Letting agents and landlords need to verify a renter's suitability for the property they have applied for. This includes verifying your employment and income and ensuring that the applicant is able to meet their rental payments. Pre-qualification will speed up the rental application process for you by showing the agents and landlord that you are rent ready before you have viewed their property.

Renters are also able to access a range of affordable, ethical and fair financial wellness products such as CanopyGrow™ financial tools and RentTracking.

For more information on our financial tools, see here.

Why are sections of my RentPassport® showing a grey check mark?

When you have completed your RentPassport and see sections have a grey tick, this means you have completed the section but it requires manual review.

You are Rent Ready and when connected to an agent, they can see your pre-qualified RentPassport.

If the agent would like Canopy to manually review the sections they will be required to upgrade the screening to request this.

Please note: we are not able to verify any sections on a Rent Ready pre-qualified RentPassport as these are all free for agents to view. The agent can purchase different types of screenings depending on what information they would like to see.

What is the cost of a Canopy RentPassport® based tenant referencing?

There is no cost to the renter.

Our Open Banking and Experian digital referencing checks are FREE for agents and landlords. Canopy charges the agent/ landlord for comprehensive Employment and Landlord references.

How can I get a Canopy RentPassport®?

You can download the Canopy app from the app store or go online and create an account.

To sign up through our website please select the below link https://app.canopy.rent/welcome

Will a credit check hurt a my credit score?


When you submit a credit check through Canopy, you are performing what is called a soft credit check. This credit inquiry should not impact your credit score.

How can I instantly verify income?

Simply follow our Open Banking based income verification process and you will be able to verify your income in minutes.

What happens if I have a county court judgment (CCJ)/ invalid voluntary arrangement (IVA) in the proceeding 5 years?

Tenant screening applications might flag CCJs or Insolvencies. A CCJ can remain on a credit report for up to 6 years after it is satisfied. We reflect the information held by Experian and unfortunately, we cannot change this data.

Letting Agents and or Landlords may accept renters with active or satisfied CCJs, or declare bankruptcy but this decision lies with them and the landlords.

Can my company act as a guarantor?

If your employer is willing to act as a guarantor for your tenancy application, you will need to discuss this directly with your landlord/agent to confirm if they are willing to accept this.

We are not able to support this process within the app but we can provide a company credit check upon request by your landlord/ agent. They must contain their account manager in order to obtain a company credit check.

Why is my credit rating different from my Experian report?

Canopy conducts a credit check in relation to a tenancy agreement therefore is a more in-depth search of a user's credit history.

The credit banding is different for a tenancy check than a consumer check therefore result may vary slightly but this shouldn't negatively impact you.

Canopy is only privy to a limited amount of information on your scoring, if you would like to find out more we recommend contacting Experian directly.

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