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I do not have a UK based guarantor
I do not have a UK based guarantor
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If your agent requires a guarantor for your tenancy application and you do not have a UK based candidate, not to worry! Canopy has teamed up with RentGuarantor to provide a guarantor replacement service.

What is a Guarantor Replacement Service?

This service allows you to register with our partner, RentGuarantor, to act as your UK guarantor. As a guarantor service, they will cover you in the same way an individual will so you don't have to pay rent up-front when moving into a rental property.

Please note: If you do not see this option in your rent passport, you will not be able to utilise this service as your agent does not wish to proceed with

Am I eligible for the guarantor replacement service?

If you are any of the below, you are eligible to apply through RentGuarantor. Please note you will need to undergo a credit check to be considered.

  • Employed

  • Retired

  • Students

  • Benefit recipients

How do I apply for the guarantor replacement Service?

You will be able to do this straight from your RentPassport. Simply follow the step by step instructions linked below.

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