How to invite a guarantor
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During the tenancy application, your future agent or landlord may request a guarantor. There are a number of reasons why an agent or landlord may request a guarantor e.g you are a student and have no employment and previous rental history.

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay the rent when the tenant fails to do so. Most people use a parent or a close relative, but you can choose someone who is willing to undertake the responsibility.

If you have been asked by your agent or landlord to provide a guarantor, you will be prompted in the app and via email about this requirement. For more info on what makes a good guarantor please visit Guarantor Criteria.

When you have found a suitable UK based guarantor and they are happy to proceed, follow the steps below to invite the guarantor to create a RentPassport.

If you do not have a UK based guarantor, please click here.

Step 1

Log into your RentPassport and click on guarantor under your Connections. You will see this section state 'Required' when the agent has triggered this request.

Please note: This field will not be visible if the agent has not requested a guarantor.


Step 2

Click "Invite a rent guarantor" and you will be presented with a question. 'Do you have a guarantor based in the UK?'

Please check our Guarantor criteria to evaluate if you have a suitable guarantor.

Step 3

Please select your answer to 'Do you have a guarantor based in the UK?'


Proceed to the next step


If you do not have a UK based guarantor, Canopy has teamed up with Rent Guarantor to provide you with an alternative. You will be re-directed to our partner page when selecting this option.

Step 4

Now you must enter your guarantor's details, including first name, last name, contact number and Please check you have the correct spelling to ensure the invite is sent to the correct person.


Step 5

Finally, you must confirm that Canopy may contact your guarantor in relation to completing their RentPassport in relation to your tenancy application. Please ensure you have spoken with your chosen guarantor and they have consented before confirming.


Step 6

Click "Send guarantor request" and this will automatically send an email to your chosen guarantor to connect and begin the journey.



  • You can only connect one guarantor at a time to your RentPassport.

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