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How to share your RentPassport® when requested
How to share your RentPassport® when requested
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This is a step by step guide on how to accept your Agent/Landlord's request to share your RentPassport.

Please note: It is important to connect to your agent to proceed with your tenancy application efficiently. If your RentPassport is not connected to an agent, sections not auto-verified will appear as self-certified. All manual reviews will only be undertaken once the RentPassport has connected to the agent.

When an agent has sent you a request, you will receive an email and will also have a notification in your RentPassport.


If you minimise this pop-up, do not worry! Follow the step below to find your connection requests.

Step 1:
Click "Landlords / Agents" under your connections.


Step 2:

On this page, you will see all your connection requests, connected agents and disconnected agents. To accept the request from the agent, click on the '+'.


You have now shared your RentPassport with your Agent/Landlord and will see the invite change to show as connected, with a green tick at the side, as shown below:


If you still have sections of your RentPassport to complete, this may show a note saying 'Further action required'.

Please note: Once you have connected with an Agent/Landlord, you will be able to click on the connection and see outstanding sections and the contact details for the agent/ landlord including their telephone number and email address.

If you would like to stop sharing your data with an agent/landlord, please click here for instructions.

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