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How to authorise a right to rent request
How to authorise a right to rent request
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Similar to your RentPassport, an agent or landlord needs to request to view your data, therefore you must authorise a right to rent connection in order for your agent/ landlord to view your documents.

Please review the steps below on how to authorise the request.

NOTE: The instructions below will only show you how to connect to show your right to rent evidence. For steps on how to complete a right to rent check can be found here.

Step 1:

When an agent requests your right to rent evidence through Canopy, you will a pop up notifying you of this when you log in (see image below). You will also receive an email notification of the request. Click on "Go to Right To Rent".


Step 2:

Click on 'Access' to take you to all your right to rent connection.


Step 3:

In this page you will see all agents requesting access to your right to rent evidence as well as agents you have already granted access to. Review the agency details and if you are happy to share your documents, click "Grant Access".


You have now successfully authorised access for your agent to review your right to rent.

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