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How to complete your Right to Rent with a UK driving license
How to complete your Right to Rent with a UK driving license
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In order to evidence your right to rent you must show the appropriate ID and documentation to your future agent/ landlord.

It is a legal requirement for agents and landlords to complete a right to rent check on all their tenants prior to moving in. Your agent/ landlord will also be required to keep a copy of the evidence so don't be alarmed if they take a photocopy.

Canopy has made these ID checks and document storage easier for both renters and agents. We have partnered with IDnow which provides instant verification of your ID. An agent will send you a request if they require this on your RentPassport.

Please note that all ID is not acceptable proof of right to rent. For a full list of valid right to rent evidence please click here. You are able to instantly verify your right to rent with a UK/IE passport.

Do not forget to take your uploaded evidence to your agent to review in person. A right to rent check is not complete until they have reviewed all evidence in person.

If you have a UK driving license, please follow the steps below to complete your right to rent check. Ensure you also have your supporting documentary evidence handy.

Step 1:
Log into your RentPassport and select "Right to Rent" and click "Start Right to Rent check".


Step 2:

Choose 'Other Photo ID' and from the expanded list select 'UK driving license.'

Please note: If you have previously completed ID verification, you will see the option to select this from your pre-verified ID list.


Step 3:

Now let's make sure you have everything ready for your ID verification. You need to make sure:

  • You have your ID document to hand

  • You are in a well-lit place

  • Be ready for a selfie (don't worry we don't require the pout)

Step 4:

Ok, now you're ready! Firstly, you will need to scan your ID. Once you have scanned the front, you will be prompted to scan the back of your ID. Lastly, you will be asked to flash the hologram on your ID by tilting your ID back and forth.

Don't worry, this is all required to validate the authenticity of your ID.


Step 5:

Now it's time for your video selfie. This is a moving image of you so we can validate your identity. Ensure your face is framed in the oval, click "I'm ready" and move your face as instructed.


Step 6:

Once you have completed these steps we should have been able to validate your identity in relation to your right to rent check. As a driving license can only validate your identity, you must upload a supporting right to rent document. Click "Upload documents" and then "Submit Documents" when this has completed uploading.

Remember to take your ID and document to your agent for them to review the document(s) in person.

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