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Why do I have to provide the agent with my right to rent?

It is a legal requirement in England for an agent/landlord to ensure a renter has the right to rent in the UK. You will not be able to proceed with your tenancy application if you fail this check. The government has provided a list of documents that are acceptable proof of this, to find out more click here to learn more about documentation.

Please note: Once you have pre-validated your right to rent with Canopy, you will still need to show your Agent or Landlord the actual documents in person - as this is a legal requirement.

How do I know I need to demonstrate my right to rent with Canopy?

You can only provide evidence of your Right to Rent on your RentPassport if an Agent/Landlord has requested it - if they have, you will get an email or notification to let you know, and in the Renter app you can see the 'Right to Rent' section on your RentPassport as follows:


If you do not see this section on your Rent Passport you do not need to provide a Right to Rent to us at this time. If you think that is not right, please check with your Agent or Landlord.

How do I prove my right to rent?

It’s an easy journey which takes you step by step. Simply select which document you would like to use, upload this and then take a selfie to validate the ID. Our partners at IDnow will take care of the verification. Once complete the agent will do the rest.

For further instructions select an option below:

Note: The quickest and easier way to evidence your right to rent is with a UK or IE passport. See below for other acceptable documents

What documents are valid to demonstrate my right to rent?

As of April 2022, the government has updated the list of acceptable documents. Please review Right to Rent: Valid Document Evidence to ensure you have everything you need to evidence your right to rent.

Can I provide a UK government share code?

Yes. You can provide a valid share code during the process.

Note: Share codes are time limited, so please make sure you have a recent share code.

What is a 'share code' and how do I get one?

The UK Government provides a share code system, that allows you to get a time-limited unique code you can share with us and your Agent / Landlord. If you have this code you can provide it during our Right to Rent process.

Can I prove my Right to Rent with a British Driving Licence?

Yes, but under law, a Driving Licence is NOT complete evidence of Right to Rent. You will need to provide additional evidence.

If you have validated your Driving Licence already on our Renter app - you need to upload scans or photos of the supporting documents as well before your Agent can proceed.

See here for a list of acceptable accompanying documents.

My ID won't scan properly / the picture isn't accepted

Here are some tips on how to scan your ID effectively:

  • When taking a picture of your ID ensure this is well lit but try to avoid glare on the image and don't use the camera flash. The large patches of white light stop the system from validating your ID.

  • When taking an image of yourself, ensure there is plenty of light, and it is shining on your face and not from behind you (eg, stand with your face towards a window).

  • Make sure that you have a strong, active internet connection. We recommend using WiFi, but a mobile data connection will work too.

  • If you still have issues, try to restart the process - close and re-open the app if you are on the mobile app.

Note: We recommend for phone users use our iOS or Android apps rather than a web browser, and it is better to use your mobile phone than a desktop computer as smartphone cameras are generally better than a laptop webcam.

I only have a visa to prove my right to rent

Not to worry, this should be acceptable but double check the government guidelines to ensure you upload all the correct documents.

Unfortunately, we are not able to validate documents such as visa letters/other paper documents via IDnow but once you have uploaded these, your agent/landlord can check these. You can also provide a share code (available from the Government site here) if that is allowed for your type of documentation.

Do I still have to show my documents to my Agent or Landlord?

Yes, unless you have verified your right to rent with a UK/IE passport.

The Government has ruled that only your Landlord, or an appointed representative - ie, an Agent - is legally able to confirm your Right to Rent. So you must show your documents to them as well. By using Canopy to pre-validate you help the process move more smoothly to help get you quickly into your next home.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is to the best of our knowledge at this time - ultimately the UK Government website provides the latest up to date information.

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