Score Simulator
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Our score simulator allows you to see how positive and negative actions can affect your credit score over time with our simulator tool.

Simulate your credit score in order to create a solid plan of action. With this tool, you’ll be able to visualise all the small steps you can take which will gradually improve your credit score over time.

This is available on both our CanopyGrow Plus plan and CanopyGrow Premium plan.


How does this work?

The ‘Score simulator’ will display your current Equifax credit score on the scale.

The starting points of each scale need to reflect your current information e.g. you may already have been on the electoral roll for 3 years so you will see this prefilled to 3 years.


You can then move any of the scales and the ‘Simulated score’ should appear on the scoring scale after the calculation has been completed.


Disclaimer: Your credit report is made of hundreds of individual pieces of data, any of which could have an impact on your credit score, so this tool only provides an indication of what may happen and may not be 100% accurate.

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