CanopyGrow with Billing Better
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Great news! Canopy has partnered with Billing Better to provide their customers with CanopyGrow Premium for free!

Below we have listed some FAQs that will help you get set up and started with your Premium subscription.

What is CanopyGrow?

CanopyGrow is a collection of credit-building tools to help you improve your Credit History & Credit Score.

How do I register for my free Premium subscription?

  1. You will receive an email from Billing Better containing your unique discount code.

  2. This email will also include a link to register with Canopy. Click the link to create an account and begin your CanopyGrow journey. Alternatively, if you have already got a Canopy account, simply log in.

  3. Select CanopyGrow on the navigation panel.

  4. Ensure you select the Premium plan and select the monthly subscription.

  5. You will now be directed to the payment page where you will enter your discount code to receive 100% off! You will still be required to enter a payment method here too but not to worry, as long as you enter the promo code you will not be charged.

  6. Once you have completed this, you are now ready to activate CleverCredit to make the most of your Billing Better subscription payments.

Be sure to activate CleverCredit to ensure you get the full benefit of paying your Billing Better subscription payments. Without activation, we cannot report these payments to CRAs to help boost your credit score.

How does CanopyGrow benefit me as a Billing Better customer?

By registering to CanopyGrow Premium, you can activate CleverCredit which will allow you to report your subscription payments as a credit agreement and boost your credit score. As a Billing Better customer, you will receive access to CanopyGrow Premium free of charge and report the value of your Billing Better subscription payment instead!

All you need to do is ensure you activate CleverCredit once you have set up and make sure you pay your Billing Better subscription on time. We'll take care of the rest!

How do I activate CleverCredit?

Simply supply your address and date of birth and activate CleverCredit then we will start reporting your subscription payments to Experian and Equifax.


For full instructions, please visit How to set up CleverCredit.

What is available in CanopyGrow Premium?

Our Premium subscription includes:

  • RentTracking

    • Activate rent tracking to report your rental data to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion

  • CleverCredit

    • Activate CleverCredit to report your Billing Better subscription payments to Experian and Equifax

  • Credit Profile

    • Gain access to your Equifax credit score and detailed credit report to better understand and improve your credit and finances.

  • Finance Score

    • Set up and get a full picture of your creditworthiness, as well as offer you a more accurate score to allow you to get better offers.

  • Score simulator

    • Simulate your credit score in order to create a solid plan of action.

For more information on CanopyGrow Premium click here.

How do I set up RentTracking?

All you need to do is set up Open banking and add your tenancy agreement in order to track your rent.

Instructional article: How to set up your RentTracking

How does CleverCredit work?

Simply pay your Billing Better subscription payments each month.

CleverCredit will make the most of your subscription by reporting these payments to credit agencies as credit repayments.

  • No hard checks are required

  • You can stop the subscription at any time without harming your credit

Where do I get my discount code?

A discount code will be provided to you directly from Billing Better. Please contact Billing Better so they can validate your subscription and provide you with a discount code.

Why am I being asked for a payment method?

Not to worry, this is standard upon set up but you will be provided with a unique code by Billing Better which will discount your subscription in full.

Why is my discount code not working?

This offer is only available if you have an active subscription with Billing Better.

  1. Please ensure your discount code is valid and in date.

  2. Next, ensure you are entering the discount code into the correct field on the payments page. How to add a CanopyGrow® promo code

  3. If you are still unable to successfully apply the discount, please contact our support team to assist you.

Do I need to complete a Rent Passport in order to use CanopyGrow?

No, the RentPassport and CanopyGrow are separate services.

CanopyGrow is here to help you understand and develop your credit profile.

A RentPassport a referencing profile is there to help you move quickly into a new property. It is free to set up and use, should you wish to.

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