FAQs: Canopy Offers
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Where can I find the current offers for renters?

You can find all our partner offers within our app. Simply log into your account and click "Your offers" on the navigation panel.

What offers do you provide?

Each one of our partners provides different offers. We are constantly updating the app with new and exciting offers. See above for where to find all the offers available to you.

If you would like to see other offers you are able to provide us with recommendations and feedback by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking 'Let us know'.

Why is my discount not appearing in my total?

Firstly, ensure there is a discount to be applied as all our partners provide different offers. This information will be stated in the Canopy app, on the offer page.

Canopy special offers will require you to visit our partner through our link so ensure you are visiting them through the Canopy app.

Sometimes visiting the partners' page will register and remain on your browser history. Try clearing your browser cookies down and then click the link. Here is a how-to link.

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