Comprehensive Screening: Employment Reference
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If your Agent/Landlord requests Comprehensive Screening this means you are required to provide an Employment and Landlord reference. This article highlights the requirements of a suitable employer referee.

Top Tip: After you've given us your referee's details and email, drop them a quick note to let them know to expect an email from the Canopy team and how quickly you need their help - especially if you are looking to move soon.

For a step by step guide on how to complete this section please see our article here.

Who can provide an employment reference?

This must be someone at your current - or soon to start - employment, they must be a senior staff member and be superior to your position as this individual must have access to your personal employment information.

  • This can be a senior member of staff, for example, a Manager, Assistant Manager or Director. Someone in a superior position to you.

  • A member of your company's HR/Personnel team. We understand sometimes line managers do not have full access to your personal employment information, hence why HR is a perfectly acceptable referee to confirm the reference details. Please note if you work within your HR team, only a senior member of HR will be deemed acceptable.

  • A member of the payroll team. The reason why payroll is acceptable referees is due to the fact this is a financial reference. This team will have access to salary and wage information.

What is included in your employment reference?

The Employment reference displays your:

  • Company Name

  • Job Title

  • Employment Status

  • Employment Type

  • Payment Frequency

  • Start date

The purpose of the Employment reference is to give a detailed description and status of your employment.

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