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Verifying Income: Self Employment
Verifying Income: Self Employment
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In order to verify your self-employment income without Open Banking, you need to have been self-employed in the UK for a minimum of 3 months. If you do not have access to a tax return we can only accept an accountant's reference letter or, alternatively, you can connect via open banking. We will not be able to reference your self-employment income if you are not able to supply these or at least 3 months of accounts.

Please note: These must be the 3 most recent consecutive months and must evidence your personal earnings; minus business expenses, not your company earnings.

  • For a sole trader, we will verify your net profit before tax.

  • For a director, although you are an employee and an owner of a company, we verify your salary plus dividends, therefore, require self-employment documents.

  • For a partner, we will verify your net profit before tax plus shares.

To verify your self-employment income you'll need to enter your income details. In order for our referencing team to verify this, you will need to provide evidence of this income by uploading one of the following documents:

Please see the criteria for these documents below:


This is a summary of the tax year. If you complete your own Self-Assessment tax return, you can download your SA302 from your HMRC online account. Follow the instructions here.

Alternatively, if your SA302 has been prepared by your accountant, then we would require a signed letter attached from your accountant that confirms the submission.

Accountant's reference letter:

This is acceptable with a minimum of 6 months of accounts to be considered.
We can only accept an accountant's reference if we are able to validate the accountant. For example, the accountant must work for a professional accountancy business or belong to a professional accounting body such as ACCA.

Tax return (SA100):

This must be a tax return that has been fully submitted to HMRC. We cannot accept un-submitted or incomplete tax returns.

If you are a contractor and unable to supply any of the above documents, we are able to accept a contract or a reference letter from the company employing you for your services. Please see here for the criteria of the documents.

Please see here for assistance in completing the Income section of your RentPassport.

Please note: If you are not connected to an agent, sections of your RentPassport are not auto-verified and will appear as self-certified. All manual reviews by our referencing team will be undertaken once you have connected to an agent for a tenancy application.

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