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Verifying Income: Employment
Verifying Income: Employment
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To verify your PAYE income you'll need to enter your income details. In order for our referencing team to verify this, you will need to provide evidence of this income by connecting via Open Banking or uploading one of the following documents:

Please note: If you are employed by an international employer, we may need to see evidence that your employment will continue during your stay in the UK. This can be with contract conditions or a reference letter. To save time verifying your income, please upload this alongside your chosen evidence.

Please see the criteria for these documents below:


  • If you are paid monthly: 3 most recent months' consecutive payslips.

  • If you are paid weekly: 4 most recent weeks' consecutive payslips.

  • If you are paid bi-weekly: 3 most recent months' consecutive payslips.

Employment contract and offer letter:

  • If you have been in your current employment for less than 8 weeks you will need to upload your full, signed employment contract and any payslips you have received.

  • If you are due to start your employment within 8 weeks you will need to upload your official signed offer letter confirming your salary and start date, or your full, signed employment contract.

  • If you have been employed for more than 2 months, please upload your most recent payslip alongside your contract.

If you are on a temporary contract, your contract must include your end date or employment duration.

Maternity/Paternity/Sick Leave:

  • We will require official company documentation outlining the conditions and pay around your maternity/paternity/sick leave.

  • We will need to calculate this using the information provided by your employer.

Please see here for assistance in completing the Income section of your RentPassport.

Please note: If you are not connected to an agent, sections of your RentPassport are not auto-verified and will appear as self-certified. All manual reviews by our referencing team will be undertaken once you have connected to an agent for a tenancy application.

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