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What is a Universal Credit pay statement and how I get mine?
What is a Universal Credit pay statement and how I get mine?
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If you are in receipt of universal credit, you will receive monthly statements detailing the amount you will receive, when you will receive the payment and a breakdown of how your payment was calculated. You can access your pay statements within the online portal.

What we are looking for:

  • The need to be from your online government portal. We need to see the government logo.

  • Your full name.

  • The payment date and pay period.

  • The full payment amount.

  • The breakdown of the payment.

Follow the steps below to get your pay statements.

Step 1:

Simply log in on their website, and find your statement summary page.

Step 2:

Find the most recent month's statement and click on this to open it.

Remember we require your 3 most recent months' statements. so you will have to do this a further 2 times for the second and third most recent month.

Step 3:

Below is an example of what your pay statement should look like. Click "Print this statement" and you will have the option to 'Save as PDF'. Save the documents to your device ready to upload to your RentPassport.


Please note: We are able to accept screenshots of the statements but you must provide a full screenshot which includes all sections of your pay statement. See the example of a full statement below:

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