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How to manually add a rent that is not tracked
How to manually add a rent that is not tracked
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Have made your rent payment earlier or later than the due date? Have you split this payment to ensure you pay your landlord in full within the month?

Do not worry! You will be notified there is a payment not tracked but you are able to give us some more information and find the missing payment.


Step 1:

Click "Resolve now" and you will now be asked a series of questions dependent on your situation.

If you have not made this payment for reasons such as moving house select no. If you have made the payment please click "Yes" and follow the step below.


Step 2:

Have you changed the bank account your rent comes from?

If you have changed the bank account you make your monthly rent payment from, please select yes and add the correct bank account to your RentPassport.

If no changes were made with the bank account your rent is paid from, please select yes and you will be prompted to select the rent payment from a list of your outgoing transactions. You have the option to load more transactions if you cannot see your rent payment in this list.


Step 3:

Once you have selected the payment, click done and this should now be complete. If you are not able to complete this journey or you cannot see your payment please contact the support team to assist you.

Remember you must report the missing/late payment and any issues before your next rent is due. If this is reported late by you we will not be able to resolve this issue for you.

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