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Verify your income with the manual journey
Verify your income with the manual journey
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To verify your income manually you'll need to upload documents to provide evidence of your stated income. For more information on what documents you need, please click here.

For step-by-step instructions on verifying manually, see below:

Step 1:
Select the Income section on your RentPassport. Click 'Begin' to see the following page. Click on 'Choose your main income' to take you to the next step.


Step 2:
Click on the drop-down menu to select your income type. Here you will be able to select where your income is coming from. Select the relevant option and you will be prompted to enter details on your income such as employment details, income name and the date you started receiving this income.


Step 3:

Once you have entered the details around your income source, you will now be asked about your annual income and the frequency in which you are paid throughout the year. This figure will need to be your gross annual income For sole traders, this will be your net profit before tax.

After entering these details, select 'Upload Documents Instead'.


Step 4:

Click on the 'Upload documents' button and you will see a list of acceptable document evidence for your chosen income source. The below image shows the income source, 'Employed'

You can find more information on acceptable evidence here.


Click on your chosen document and you will have a checklist to ensure you have the correct evidence to upload and speed up your verification.

Click "Upload Documents" to begin your upload. You are able to add more than one document and view / delete each document.


Click "Submit" when you have finished uploading the specific document type.

Step 6:

Finally, review all your details for your income verification. Here you can upload any different documents by clicking "Upload more documents". Once you are happy with everything, click "Submit".

You have successfully submitted your income, you can go back and upload another income if you have multiple sources of income or complete any outstanding sections of your RentPassport.

*All documents will be reviewed during our working hours. You can find our opening hours here.

Please note: If your RentPassport is not connected to an agent, sections not auto-verified will appear as self-certified. All manual reviews by our referencing team will be undertaken once you have connected to an agent for a tenancy application.

Please see the following articles to assist you with completing your Essential RentPassport:

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