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How to set up on CanopyGrow® Premium
How to set up on CanopyGrow® Premium
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Once you have set up your payment method for CanopyGrow® Premium, you will need to set up your account to gain access to the various tools and advice to improve your credit score and history.

Step 1:

We will ask you to provide proof of identification so that we are sure we are supplying the correct data to the correct person.

We are partnered with IDnow, who will verify your identification so be sure to have your photo ID ready, make sure you're in a well-lit area and get ready for a selfie.

  • Take a photo of your ID.

  • Review the image you have taken, and ensure this is very clear and legible.

  • Take a video selfie so we can use this to verify the ID belongs to you.

Step 2:


Using Open Banking, we can show you your finances and how to improve. Don’t worry - it’s 100% secure.

We use Plaid as our Open banking intermediary, this means they will connect to the banking institute directly and provide the relevant data to us.

  • Select your bank, you can use start typing the name of the bank and the list will be filtered to narrow down your search.

  • Log into your bank to authorise the connection.
    Please note that Canopy nor Plaid will gain access to your login details for your bank, login is only required for your security to ensure it is you that is authorising the connection.

  • That's it! You should now be connected.

For further information on Open Banking see the following articles:

Step 3:


We’ll take a few details to find it, so we can relay all the information back to you.

  • Enter your full legal name.

  • Next, you will need to enter your date of birth.

  • Enter your phone number.

  • Select your nationality.

  • Finally, input your address history, we require your latest 3 years' worth of address history. Alternatively. the latest 3 addresses will suffice.
    Ensure you have been registered at the addresses on the electoral roll, with utility bills or a bank account.

Now you can check out your credit and finances, where we will give you a detailed overview based on the information we find on your credit profile and Open Banking transactions, and where to improve.

You can also now set up RentTracking, we’ll take a few details about your tenancy and locate your rent payments. For instructions on how to set up RentTracking please click here.

If you have any issues setting up your premium account or finding a credit profile, please contact our support team to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: You are eligible for a full refund 14 days after you sign up for a plan. You will not be able to claim a refund after 14 day cooling period. Please contact us to notify us of your cancellation and we will process the refund.

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