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What information do lenders see on your credit report?
What information do lenders see on your credit report?
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Surprisingly there’s actually not that much about you that is revealed to lenders when they conduct a credit search on you.

Aside from the obvious things like name, date of birth, and electoral roll information the following are typical of what’s shared with a lender;

  • Any current overdrafts you may have.

  • Public information records held against your name, like - CCJs (county court judgements), or even bankruptcies going back 6 years.

  • Information about your financial behaviour - e.g if you’ve made any missed payments or late payments and how many times this has happened.

  • Details of any hard credit searches carried out.

  • Financial associations and links to other people.

  • Fraud notifications - if you’ve been a victim through a CIFAS notification.

  • Current credit accounts are also listed.

For more info on what lenders can see, set up and check out your credit profile.

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